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Can You Rock a Pink Camo Purse?


Camo bedding

Ask 50 different people on the street tell you what they think of when they hear the word “camouflage,” and you’re likely to get 50 different answers. Originally derived from the French camoufler meaning “to blind or veil,” it is often thought of as a term applying to the animal world. An animal’s coloring that helps it hide from enemies is considered its camouflage, a topic that has fascinated zoologists for more than a century.

Though camouflage generally calls up images of green and brown splotches, it does not, in fact, refer to any specific pattern. For example, the “dazzle” pattern is black and white and was used to camouflage ships in the first and second World Wars by making it difficult for enemies to determine their distance. In 1919, “dazzle ball” attendants at the Chelsea Arts Club wore dazzle patterned clothing. Camouflage has remained a fashion statement since, although patterns more similar to hunting gear and old military fatigues are more common. Today’s military camouflage is more similar to avant garde cubist art from the early 1900s, but hunting camouflage is rounder and lends itself better to today’s fashion world.

One less protective and more fashionable use for camouflage has been the advent of pink camo purses. A playful take on the camouflage trend, pink camouflage has appeared on purses, pants, tops, shoes, and hair accessories, particularly gaining popularity in the mid to late 90s. Designed to add more appeal for women in the camouflage trend, it especially took root in rural hunting communities.

Girls have been known to appear in pink camouflage at formal occasions, with some women even choosing to incorporate pink camo into their weddings. Pink camo purses have made appearances at events as well as in day to day life as a fashionable statement accessory. Some are even bedazzled, adding an extra element of style.

Pink camo purses are likely to remain popular, especially in the rural communities where camo never really goes out of style. As a way to show country girl style with a touch of femininity, they demonstrate a major part of many womens’ identities. See this reference for more.

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