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Wrought Iron Fencing VS Wooden Fencing VS Other Materials Check out the Comparison Here


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One way to really change the look of your home is to add a fence to the property. Custom fences can be made to exactly what you are looking for, and they can be made out of many different types of materials. Not only are there different materials, but a custom fence company can make them in any style you want. And believe me, there are a lot! There are extensive wrought iron fence styles, as well as things like custom wood fence gates. Really, the limits are only your imagination, and the portfolio book a custom fence company provides for you to look through for inspiration.

But, what are the different pros and cons are there to getting wrought iron fences and gets versus something like wood or plastic? Well, the cost of building a fence is actually very heavily impacted by what material you want it constructed from. But, a wrought iron fencing cost might surprise you, and so might the cost of other materials as well.

Here are some objective facts about different types of fence materials, so that you can start to get an idea of what the pros and cons are.

  1. Though historically wood was the most common material used in constructing fences, it is becoming less and less common as more and more options are becoming available.
  2. When properly maintained, a wooden fence will lost a very long time, so they are a great long term investment.
  3. Wooden fences create a more classic, traditional look than other options for your fencing.
  4. Wrought iron fencing is a decor option for your home that, unlike most others, actually looks better as it ages.
  5. There are many wrought iron fence styles, including the feature of spear like, pointed finials that help to deter burglars or would be trespassers.

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