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Helicopter Basics 101


The helicopter has been around for over a century. It was first used in combat during World War II. However, since that time, military helicopter parts have remained basically the same, as described by Diya’s Funplay.


This is the place the pilot sits and controls the helicopter.

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It’s similar to a plane cockpit. It consists of seats, seat belts, seat belts, radio, and the helicopter’s controls. The cockpit is like the brain of a helicopter.

Rotor Blades

These are long blades on the top and sometimes the sides that help give the helicopter lift. They are commonly called propellers. The blades are streamlined in a way called an airfoil cross-section that helps them move efficiently in the air. It’s shaped similarly to a bird’s feather.

Some other parts are as follows. The tail rotor is a smaller version of the top rotor blades and helps the helicopter maneuver in the air. The Main Rotor Assembly gives power to the rotor blades. The Stabilizer is located at the back of the helicopter and helps keep the vehicle level in the air instead of dipping down or to one side. The Tail Boom is located under the stabilizer and gives the stabilizer power. The Engine and Transmission are the heart of the helicopter. The engine gives power to the whole machine. The Wheels are located under the tail boom and the cockpit, and they help the helicopter get around on the ground. Some helicopters have skids instead of wheels. The passenger Doors are located on the sides of the helicopter behind the cockpit. And finally, the passenger Seats are located behind the cockpit. Some military helicopters do not have them.

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