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What Can Urgent Care Do for You?


Urgent care is a great place to get help with injuries and illnesses. But there is a lot of confusion around how they are different from an emergency room or primary doctor. Specifically, what symptoms does urgent care treat and how are these different from symptoms you might have that would be better treated at the ER? In this video, you will learn exactly what an urgent care is so that you can be better informed the next time you need help and consider going to one.

Urgent care is best for injuries and illnesses that need to be seen right away, maybe because they will get worse, but that isn’t life-threatening or even very serious. They are a good option when it’s after hours for your primary doctor.

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Urgent care can see all sorts of symptoms, including cuts, burns, broken bones, cases of flu, and infections. The important thing to remember is that these symptoms should not be too serious, otherwise the ER would be better.


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