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Heres What You Should Know About Chemical Reactions


Did you know that there are numerous chemical reactions taking place in your body currently? However, scientists’ discoveries of chemical reaction systems have considerably aided humanity’s growth. The video describes various chemical reactions that have altered history.

Cooking food with fire makes it easier to absorb nutrients and digest food. However, the discovery of complex flavor compounds by Louis Maillard has made food even more delicious and fun to eat.

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Then, by discovering fermentation, different types of foods were discovered, such as wine and cheese.

The discovery of bronze was the start of a new era. Mixing copper with other metals to create bronze enabled people to use it to make many items. A process called saponification was discovered, enabling people to make soap. This was done by mixing water, alkali ash, and oil.

The advent of silicon chips has enabled great progress to be made in telecommunications. Silicon is easy to find, but it needs to be purified using the Czochralski process to make silicon chips. The Haber-Bosch process converts nitrogen and hydrogen gases to ammonia, which is used widely, such as in fertilizer and explosives.

These chemical reactions are a few of many that have changed the way we live.


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