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Improving A Network Security Platform For Safer Business Computing


Vulnerability management system

The US Government Accountability Office shows that the number of security breaches increased from 13,017 in 2010 to 15,560 in 2011. While businesses today are taking more steps to safeguard data stored on networks, more than 50 percent still do not realize the full implications of a security breach, although both the organizational cost and cost per stolen record have declined, according to studies published in 2011. With an enterprise firewall you can get an intrusion detection system that improves your next gen network security. A next generation network needs to have a sufficient intrusion prevention system so that you will have the ability to maintain a safe network in your office at all times.

A network security platform is vital so that no transmissions or communications are put forth on behalf of your business by someone that is not authorized to do so. 76 percent of organizations reported that they suffered damage to their reputation because of a cyber security breach. It is also important that you have a network security platform that allows you to fight modern security threats. As modern firewalls increase in their sophistication, so do worms and network threats, so your network security platform must constantly be developing.

The web is a great platform that can allow for many business tasks to be accomplished easily. However, the Internet also has threats that can damage company’s infrastructure. Be certain that you have the right security platform so your company never gets devastated by digital threats.

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