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Tiaras on the Turf, A Glimpse into Beauty Pageant Coaching


Pageant coaches

Beauty pageants are competitions where the contestants are judged based on their physical attractiveness, talent, and the personality traits that they exhibit while answering pageant interview questions. Oftentimes there are smaller local contests and the winners go on to compete in larger regional or national pageants. Sometimes the pageants are more specialized, or for certain groups of people such as Miss Teen USA or the Miss Chinese International Pageant.

The beauty, wardrobe, make up and talent of the contestants is obvious as they appear on stage for the pageant. Much less visible are some of the most important people in any contest, the coaches. Pageant coaching comes with prettier uniforms, but is every bit as competitive as coaching athletes or group sports. The pageant coaches train the contestants in the various elements of the competition, and in many cases the difference between being a runner up and taking home the tiara, the title, the sash and the cash is having a good pageant interview coach. Pageant coaching means making sure the contestants are ready for anything and, just like when applying for a job, it pays to be prepared for the interview.

Some of the benefits of competing are improved public speaking abilities and increased self esteem. Good pageant coaching means promoting these important factors while training the contestants. Confidence is essential in beauty competitions.

Do not be fooled by the glamorous evening gowns. Beauty contestants are not just there to look good. The contestants and their pageant coaches are there to win.

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