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The Best New Automotive Technologies in the Works Right Now


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Oftentimes, we take new automotive technologies for granted. For example, it only takes one third of a shot glass worth of gasoline to turn over an engine. This is an incredible technological feat that most of us never even consider. Subaru, the automobile manufacturing division of Japanese transportation conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries, is the 26th largest global auto manufacturer in regards to production as of 2011. Subaru, which is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster inspiring its logo, makes some of the best new cars around with innovative new automotive technologies and has done so since its very first automobile, the Subaru 1500 introduced in 1954. As well, Subaru has many car safety features that have contributed to its popularity.

Right now, Subaru and other car manufacturers are working on many new automotive technologies that we will soon see on the road. One of the top new automotive technologies is a vehicle capable of communicating with other vehicles on the road, allowing drivers to remain in control of their cars as a default until something goes awry. Vehicle to Vehicle communication makes it possible for automobiles to signal one another in the event that they are headed for a collision. The brakes on both cars would activate automatically, which would prevent damage to the vehicles, but more importantly, to the people driving them! Very soon, this and other new automotive technologies will be available at a Subaru dealership near you. More on this topic:

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