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The Fast and Affordable Alternative to Emergency Rooms


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If you have been unfortunate enough to have visited an emergency room sometime in your recent memory, you are well aware of how unpleasant it can be. Unless an emergency room patient is gravely ill or injured, it is common for them to wait an hour or more to receive treatment. Emergency rooms can also be crowded, chaotic, and, of course, their prices are outrageous.

Over the past decade, or so, local urgent care centers have become popular emergency room alternatives for individuals with mild or moderate illnesses or injuries. The professionally-trained medical practitioners at a local urgent care can offer the same quality treatments as other types of walk in doctors and health care facilities. In fact, urgent care centers are one of the fastest growing areas within the United States health care industry.

Around two-thirds of urgent care center staffs are composed of a collective of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and physicians assistants, while nearly 66 percent have at least one physician on duty all the times. Thus, the typical urgent care center is just as capable of treating minor injuries and illnesses as any hospital emergency care center.

In light of the perpetual health insurance debacle in the United States, perhaps the foremost advantage of urgent care centers is their low cost. Whereas the average emergency room visit will cost more than $1,000, receiving treatment at an urgent care facility usually costs around one-tenth of that amount. Although urgent care centers do accept health insurances, their affordability makes them ideal for individuals and families who do not have the luxury of health insurance coverage.

While emergency rooms are unavoidable for people who suffer serious injuries and illnesses, urgent care centers are the best option available for anyone who wants fast, affordable treatment for less serious medical issues. The next time you or someone in your family needs fast medical treatment for a nasty cut, sprain, or the flu, local urgent cares will have all the expertise and resources that you need. Read this website for more information.

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