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The Increasingly Complex World of Internet Marketing


Internet marketing is becoming more reliant on search engines. This is because search engines are the main way that people discover new products and services on the internet. In fact, 93% of all online experiences start with a visit to a search engine. If a company’s website is not ranked high enough in a search engine’s results for key words related to that company’s business, then the likelihood of that website attracting new customers is slim.

In order to get the most out of a search engine, many businesses are turning to search engine optimizers for help. Search engine optimization is a set of techniques that can be used to boost a website’s ranking higher. In the past, internet search engine optimization was fairly easy, though clumsy. It often involved the use of keyword stuffing. Website developers would simply repeat keywords over and over again on a page, often invisibly, to trick a search engine into thinking that that page was more relevant to those key words.

Modern search engines have developed complex algorithms in order to detect these tricks and prevent them from influencing a site’s ranking. Today, the most popular search engine is Google. Google controls 65-70% of the search engine market. A great deal of Google’s success is due to its ability to return the best and most relevant results to its users. In addition to the algorithms Google uses, it has also introduced new tags like the “nofollow” tag that allow webmasters to prevent their website’s rank from being hurt by techniques like spamming from third parties. As a result of these innovations, the best search engine optimization is increasingly complex. To combat this, Google helps webmasters by providing them a variety of analytics to help see how their site is performing.

Because companies are often ill equipped to understand the complexities of the internet, they will often outsource this part of their business. These outsourcing companies can offer a myriad of services including web development, search engine optimization help, and social media services. Many of these companies will in turn resell website development and other services to another company. Regardless of how these companies function, they can help businesses take full advantage of the internet. These companies that resell website development and other services can be especially helpful to small businesses, who often do not have the resources of the expertise to effectively manage their internet marketing needs alone.

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