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Use Lists to Help Determine the Cost of Remodeling a Bathroom


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It really does not matter if you are planning to stay in your house for many years or you are ready to put it on the market, having a dull, drab bathroom is not fun, and is probably not function. If you are selling, an outdated bathroom can drive potential buyers away. The cost of remodeling a bathroom is well worth it in the long room.

You may be wondering about the cost of remodeling a bathroom. Obviously, this cost of remodeling a bathroom depends on a number of factors. Are you planning on a complete remodel or just a simple facelift?

The cost of remodeling a bathroom will often depend on the type of remodel you are going to do. Are you going to completely replace the tub or shower, or will replacing the fixtures be enough? You can make a remodeling checklist of what you really need, and another list of what you would like. Do you want a heated floor under the tile, or will you be just installing rugs to warm the area? Are you going to include new countertops as part of the cost of remodeling a bathroom, or will you simply clean it up?

You may be looking at replacing your toilet. As part of the cost of remodeling a bathroom, you might consider a high efficiency toilet. A toilet of this type installed in the home of a family of four, can create savings of up to 8,760 gallons water per year. You can include this savings as part of your cost of remodeling a bathroom.

Another great thing to do to your home is a kitchen remodel. If you are considering selling, this is a great return on investment. Like the bathroom remodel, installing energy efficient appliance is also a great benefit. Some trends in kitchen remodeling include gas and induction stovetops, French door refrigerators, engineered stone and quartz bars, deep single bowl sinks, and European spray pullout faucets. Like with the cost of remodeling a bathroom, you need to determine your must haves and the features you would just like to have.

Consulting a professional is a good way to get a handle on the cost of remodeling a bathroom or the average cost to remodel a kitchen. They can help you stretch your budget to create the best spaces possible

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