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Start Fresh with a Beginners Guide SEO


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A beginners guide SEO tutorial could be the perfect thing for anyone who wants increase the hits that their website or blog receives. The world of SEO (search engine optimization) is constantly evolving, and without a list of the the current top 10 SEO tricks, people could find themselves left in the dust.

With search engine giants like Google unleashing new algorithms (Penguin, Hummingbird) that favor good content over spam-filled content, many are looking to make sure that they do not find themselves on Google’s bad side. On October 9, became the latest website to tell people how to avoid tanking rankings with the article “SEO Rankings Tanking? Check for Bad Incoming Links.”

One of the best free Seo tips and tricks that people can take advantage of is to make sure that their website deals with high quality links. If a business has shady websites linking back to its own site, it could negatively impact their ranking. Making sure that links leading to and away from the website is one of the best things that people can do for their ranking.

An beginners guide SEO list will also undoubtedly contain a few tidbits about keywords. The best SEO tip that perhaps anyone can think about is using a few specific keywords throughout their website and blog posts. As long as they are not shoehorning them in every other sentence, placing a few popular keywords into a websites content could help to increase its ranking over time.

No matter what kind of business one may own, the right beginners guide SEO list could easily help them to attain a greater level of visibility, attract more hits and increase their overall productivity.

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