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What is the Best Golf Simulator When Youre on a Budget?


Sometimes you can’t afford to go to the golf course or if you have winter, you can’t afford to renovate one of the rooms in your home to be an extravagant golfing simulation. That can become costly after everything is said and done. When you’re on a budget, it can be hard to find a good quality golf simulator that will give you that golfing experience you are in need of. So, how can you find a good golf simulator when you’re on a budget?

In this video, Liam and Brandon show us what the best golf simulator you can get on a budget is! They have a Rapsodo r- motion golf simulator that is only $200. It is a sensor that connects to their laptop, allowing them to get accurate hits and swings when golfing into a net in their backyard.

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In the video, they play one hole at Pinehurst Number 2 Golf Course on the simulator to show us how well this works when being on a budget. You can see just how great this golf simulator is for them and maybe see if you would enjoy it yourself.


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