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Your Ultimate Guide to Porta Potty Rentals


There are a lot of important things to understand about a porta potty rental in New Haven before you get in touch with a rental company. You should make sure you look at this rental as a possibility to help you get what you need for any kind of outdoor event. You must make sure you know how much you should pay for these facilities and so much more.

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For a basic model unit, you should anticipate that you will pay approximately $100 per month for the portable toilet rental that you are thinking about. You should make sure you only get the number of units that you will truly need. This means that you might want to know that you should rent at least two portable toilets for every 100 people you anticipate coming to your event.

Finally, you should also know what kind of toilets you need to get for your event. This means that you might need to look for toilets that are able to accommodate those who need assistance or even a luxury portable toilet trailer. It all depends on the kind of needs that you have for your facilities, but you can end up with what you need to create the facility that you require.


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